Sponsors and Supporters




yoga_show photo logoThe Bend media community has been instrumental to our success. Our local cable company BendBroadband asked for guidance in facilitating the creation of ‘The Yoga Show’ and together we brought yoga into homes throughout Central Oregon. Yogis Unite is thankful for the musicians, artists, photographers and volunteers who come together each year to create the sound and vibes and capture the festival on film.

Photographers: Deven Stross, Jill Rosell and Troy Costa
Musicians: Vasudeva and Jenni Peskin and fellow musicians
DJ/Sound Master: Flip Flop Sounds
Marketing & Creativity: Spooky Dawson
Local and health minded businesses participating in our Exhibitor Showcase
Local studios who generously donate a “Year of Yoga” for the annual raffle which helps raise much needed funds for our charities


cannon beach festCannon Beach Yoga Festival – launched 2011

Pendleton Yoga Round-Up – launched 2009

pendleton yoga

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