History and Vision

PJ headshotIn December 2009, while reading Yoga Journal’s annual ‘weekend retreats’ issue, PJ Miller (now Fritchman) envisioned hundreds of yogis gathered along the Deschutes River saying 3 simultaneous OM’s. After a few months of inspired work her vision became a reality. The inaugural event gathered more than 300 yogis.  They said those three OM’s and created history.  

Welcome to Yogis Unite Bend!  Also known as YU Bend. The definition of yoga is ‘to unite’, so YU is for all of YOU (really US) to come together and attend a fun, inspiring event while supporting local charities.  

Through Yogis Unite Bend, we are inspired by the tremendous support of those who make this event possible each year. The first year PJ created history. The 2nd year the City of Bend honored YU Bend for adding to the culture of our city. For the first 3 years, PJ was the almost everything behind the creation of the event while working full-time at BendBroadband in business services and raising 3 growing boys with her life partner. The fourth year, she knew it was time for a change. Last year, Suzie Harris-Newcome, owner of Namaspa, worked with PJ to continue bringing this great event to our community. Now in our 6th year, PJ has stepped back from the event and handed the reins to a tribe of local yogis hailing from Namaspa and Sol Alchemy.

The goal of Yogis Unite Bend is to unite our community through yoga. Thank you Bend yoga community for exceeding PJ’s initial vision and allowing her to dream a bigger dream than she could dream herself.

abc-award culture 2012

City of Bend awards
YU! BEND Founder/Director
PJ Miller

2012 ABC Award for adding to the culture of our city.

Thank you for being part of our community and being part of our culture!


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