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triangle2015 is a ‘bridge year’ for Yogis Unite Bend.  Since 2010, PJ Miller alone executed this event, but this year she reached out to the local yoga community for support in keeping YU Bend going.  Seven yogis answered the call and together are moving Yogis Unite Bend to the next level.  In the words of Baron Baptiste, “What we say is possible creates what’s possible.” 

Contact any of the folks below with your questions, comments or concerns. Or email us at
Brandy yogi head shotBrandy Berlin:  Event Co-Coordinator / Teacher @ Namaspa / Email:


breynBreyn Hibbs: Teaching Team Lead/ Owner & Teacher @ SolAlchemy/ Email:
029Stephanie Lewis: Marketing & Sponsorships/ Teacher @ Namaspa / Owner & Founder of BeauRam/ Email:
Nancy FinalNancy Lumpkin: Finance Coordinator /Co-Owner & Teacher @ Namaspa/ Email:
IMG_4714Suzy Matias: Event Co-CoordinatorManager & Teacher @ Namaspa/  Email:
IMG_4317Sharon Page: Marketing & SponsorshipsTeacher @ Namaspa/ Owner & Founder of Mukha YogaEmail:



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